AI Car Fixes

AI Car Fixes ( 5 Files )

Fixes for the AI car's at older tracks for offline racers. These will make the AI for the offline tracks very competitive and revive these old tracks. With Raymond Balch hopefully all future tracks in dtr2 will have a good competitive AI. For the downloads in this section however they are to be used for OFFLINE ONLY.


DTRfactor ( 41 Files )

Get the files needed for BLS_F1yer's mod for rFactor here! DTRfactor cars handle in a way that is similar to dtr2. The cars are very simple to drive and will be fun for beginners and veterans alike. This is the car that rFactor has needed since the beginning!
Other Ratbag Game files

Other Ratbag Game files ( 151 Files )

Post downloads that relate to the other games made by Ratbag here such as WoO 2002, Powerslide, DTRSC, DTR1, Saturday Night Speedway, and any other Ratbag game.
DTR2 Utilities and Files

DTR2 Utilities and Files ( 68 Files )

In this section you may post files related to DTR2 such as programs for the game, or programs for painting skins, and other things that people might need.

Skins ( 1822 Files )

Download skins here as well as uploading your own for everyone to have. Laughing

Tracks ( 727 Files )

Upload tracks in this section. If you are unsure who made the track you are uploading, just put it in this main category and we will move it if needed.

Chassis ( 106 Files )

This is where you can download chassis for dtr2

Setups ( 86 Files )

Everyone can post their setups in this section to help get other people fast or post a set for a certain track that you think might help others get fast there.
NZ/Australia Files

NZ/Australia Files ( 33 Files )

Tracks, skins, chassis, and everything else from Australia and New Zealand
Yenko's Files

Yenko's Files ( 91 Files )

Yenko will be uploading quite a bit of stuff for dtr2 so you can get the files he uploads from here.
DTR2 Replays

DTR2 Replays ( 196 Files )

You can post replays from DTR2 in here for people to download and view. You must have the track the race was ran at for the replays to show up.
Skin Painting Stuff

Skin Painting Stuff ( 26 Files )

In here you will find files for skin painters to use to make great skins
Editing Corner

Editing Corner ( 21 Files )

In here we will post things to help people edit tracks, chassis, and skins for dtr2.

NASCAR Heat ( 83 Files )

Download files for NASCAR Heat in here. VLR isn't running a series in this game but BLS is starting one up and you can get many of the files needed to run it in here, including tracks, chassis, and skins we hope.