(October 1, 2019) LAKELAND, FL – The Team VLR Tough Truck Series is presented by Capron Screen Printing and Dirty Grass Soul, but the sponsor of the night is Hanover Wrecker as they get the most camera time tonight!

After three heats and a B main, the field will be narrowed to twenty four of the toughest trucks on dirt, with the Swindell Speedlabs machine of James Edens taking the pole tonight, alongside the 112 of Devon Morgan. “America’s Sweetheart”, Howard Weaver has definitely got his game face on tonight as he grids on the inside of row number two for the feature, with Davin Cardwell to his outside. Evan Seay starts in position number five, with the Dirty Grass Soul lead singer Kevin Dedmon to his outside, leading off Randall Carter and Adam Elby in eighth, “The Gangster” Jeremy Capron in ninth and Collin Slife rounding out your top ten.

The Iowa Hawkeye machine of Timothy Bolander starts in eleventh with Adelaide, Australia’s Lewis Hewett to his outside, and BulletProof’s Josh Peacock takes on lucky number thirteen, with Kyle Sirratt to his outside. Starting in fifteenth, is HRE’s DJ Kilanowski, with week number one winner, Cole Cabre to his right, leading off week number three winner, Blake Cannon, and Rocky Battenfield, the Icefighter outside row number nine. Inside row ten is the 515 of Chris Cox, with Tyler Jackson on the outside, over Jonathan Lampman and the “Fast and Furious” Dylan Houser to his outside, and starting on the back row, Lucas Chowning in the 47 machine and the 15 ride of Chadron Beam.

Fifty laps is the distance around this speedway tonight at USA, and I couldn’t help but notice, not only does this look like black ice that these guys are driving on, but this is a substantially larger track than we are used to. During practice, the drivers could get some serious speed along the backstretch and front stretch, but man, they’d have to be hard on the brakes in the corners if they had any chance of getting the truck to stick. Speaking of the ice-like track, when a slider was thrown, most trucks would slide all the way up and into the outside wall, and occasionally cause some serious harm to those around them. Now, There’s a reason these guys are driving these trucks, not me, because week in and week out, they have not failed to prove that they have what it takes to be in the TOUGH TRUCK series.

It appears, Davin Cardwell was not able to make the grid, but that won’t stop the 52 of James Edens leading us to the green flag with Morgan on the outside. In the very first turn, drivers will become aware just how treacherous tonight’s track is. Pole Sitter Edens will slide up and make slight contact with Devon Morgan, stuffing him into the wall. While this is happening Howard Weaver is sliding up the track right behind these two and makes slight contact with Dedmon. These drivers all manage to keep going, but behind them is chaos. Que in Hanover Towing, as the caution flag is out for the first of six times in the 50 lap race as Peacock may have had slight contact with Bolander, sending him spinning. Green flag is back out as Edens is now side by side with the 07, and Weaver must have been side tracked as he gets a slow start, and someone call Hanover again, as the 31 had a slight wiggle leaving Kyle Sirratt no room, since this track seems to narrow ever so slightly. We’ve now had two cautions immediately on restarts and officials have decided all future restarts will now be single file for this race.

Edens maintains the lead over Weaver and Dedmon, and once again, slow start by Weaver as Dedmon will use that to his advantage, and the only thing I can say is “Hold on Howard” as he quickly drops to eighth in the field after contact from several drivers. Slife and Cabre are duking it out side by side for fifth, while Edens still leads. Kevin Dedmon is on the move, and here comes the slider by Slife over Cabre for fifth, as the 31 and Carter seems to trade a little paint. Look out boys, Cole Cabre is coming in hot after starting sixteenth tonight.

Meanwhile Edens is off in another zip code as the battle out for positions three four and five. Lots of bumper to bumper action throughout the pack, while Weaver has found some momentum after getting all out of shape after the second restart. Weaver makes the pass on Evan Seay, as 16th starting Cole Cabre is now in third with Devon Morgan to his inside, and UH OH…caution flag again. Collin Slife, Evan Seay, and Howard Weaver all tangle, leaving Slife dropping to the inside and eventually kissing the inside wall.

James Edens once again brings us back racing, with Dedmon, Morgan, Cabre and Elby to his rear. There’s lots of contact with the wall once again, and man, is it ever hard to pass here at USA…Edens takes off once again with Dedmon on the outside. Morgan drops to the inside for second, Cabre moves high, and the 22 of Dedmon is now on the back bumper of Edens for the lead, Morgan pulls a sick slider on Cabre, but look who’s on the move again, Howard Weaver, now three wide with Evan Seay and Adam Elby, with lots of beating and banging here in the top five. There’s a huge battle going on between Rocky Battenfield and DJ Kilanowski, but they’re still three wide in front.

Twenty laps in, the top five are fighting it out for all they have, Morgan goes low for the slider, Dedmon and Cabre side by side for second, SLIDEJOB! And here comes the crossover, as Week One winner Cabre has come from sixteenth to second, with James Edens in sight. Devon Morgan makes some contact with the wall, and Elby in fifth, is door to door with Evan Seay in the Capron Screen Printing ride, with Edens just smooth sailing out front.

At the half way mark, Cabre is still in second behind Edens, Kilanowski makes the pass on Weaver now in eighth, Dedmon in fourth with Seay and Elby in his rearview, Elby down low, Seay up high, can he make it stick? Ole Rocky and Bullwinkle, I mean, Rocky and Weaver are duking it out pretty heaving to maintain in the top ten, with Edens holding a two and a half second lead over the field. Lap twenty nine, Elby gets turned after battling door to door with Seay, after trying to catch Dedmon, and just sets it on spin cycle. As we get ready to go racing, Edens holds off Cabre, Morgan, Dedmon and Seay, Does Cole have enough truck left to overpower James Edens?

GREEN FLAG! Cabre to the outside, Seay and Morgan try the inside line…paging Hanover to the track, we have another yellow. Dylan Houser apparently lost hold of his truck, leaving the Aussie, Lewis Hewitt nowhere to go. With eighteen laps remaining, it’s pretty clear the 52 is the truck to beat. Edens brings us to green, leading off Cabre and Dedmon, Cabre on the back bumper, Dedmon goes low, and here we go, caution flag again. Huge pileup in the back of the field, as Chowning is around, along with Cox, Kilanowski, and a few others.

Nine to go, and Edens has already checked out, Cabre to the top again, Dedmon down low, Cole just doesn’t have enough bite left, as him and DGS himself are now door to door, and with six laps left to go, Dedmon can finally take second from Cabre, but look out, Devon Morgan is coming on the low side. Blake Cannon is another one to have your eye on after a lot of position jokeying alongside Weaver. Weaver is stalking teammate Evan Seay while battling side by side with Cannon. Weaver dives to the bottom with Cannon up high, and there are just four more times around tonight here at USA.

Kevin Dedmon is steadily gaining on our leader, James Edens, as Morgan and Cabre fight it out for third and fourth Dedmon is now to the back bumper of the 52, trying to make some kind of miracle appen after Edens has dominated to this point…Edens drops even lower into protection mode, defending that position, but Dedmon is back there putting serious pressure on him… That man is clearly racing for diaper dollars back there after just having a son earlier in the week. White flag is in the air, just four more turns for James Edens…Dedmon gets close, but will have to settle for second tonight after Edens crosses the line just three car lengths ahead in his Swindell Speedlabs ride tonight. Cole Cabre finishes third with the “Checkers or Wreckers” mentality as they pile up at the flag stand in what turned out to be an incredible four-truck battle for third.

Next week, the guys take it to Volusia for week number six of the Team VLR Tough Truck Series, presented by Dirty Grass Soul and Capron Screen Printing.

Speaking of Dirty Grass Soul, a huge Congratulations to Kevin Dedmon and his wife Shelby on the birth of a beautiful baby boy on Sunday from all of us here at Pit Pass!

Thank y’all and GoodNight!

Finishing order

1.Edens 2. Dedmon 3. Cabre 4. Seay 5. Morgan 6. Weaver 7. Battenfield 8. Capron 9. Jackson 10. Peacock 11. Lampman 12. Carter 13. Beam 14. Hewitt 15. Bolander 16. Cox 17. Chowning 18. Elby 19. Cannon 20. Kilanowski 21. Houser 22. Slife 23. Sirratt 24. Cardwell