Written by Katie Dugas of Pit Pass

OCTOBER 15, 2019 (MECHANICSBURG, PA) – Week number seven of the Team VLR Tough Truck Series presented by Dirty Grass Soul and Capron Screen Printing takes place at Williams Grove tonight, and by the looks of things, it will take someone extremely tough to conquer this paper slip style track. After practice, James Edens looks like the man to beat, laying down a smooth 24.642 lap time, but as qualifying will roll around, Adam Elby becomes the man with the target on his bumper, with a 24.655 lap time to take quick time.

After Heat number one however, your top four will be, Devon Morgan, Jeremy Capron and Kevin Dedmon after pole-sitter Elby was involved in an accident with Dedmon.

Heat number two finishers were Kendal Tucker, TJ Carter, Chris Cox and Timothy Bolander.

Heat three results were James Edens, Howard Weaver, Cole Cabre and Blake Brown.

After a server crash, and technical difficulties, a new race will be set up, to finish the last thirty laps of the feature, with the lineup from how the guys were running before the crash.

Your pole sitter is “America’s Sweetheart”, the 07 of Howard Weaver, after rallying from his sixth starting spot to take the lead in the first 20 laps, with the Swindell Speedlabs ride of James Edens, to his outside, leading off “The Gangster” Jeremy Capron in truck number 23, and TJ Carter to his outside. Rounding out your top five, the 74 iRacing iFlag man himself, Blake Brown and Dylan Thomas outside row three. Cole Cabre, winner from week one, takes the grid in seventh, alongside the Sweet ride of DJ Kilanowski.

Evan Seay in the 33 starts inside row five, with Adam Elby to his outside, over Chris Cox and DGS Lead man, Kevin Dedmon in twelfth. Inside row seven, Timothy Bolander, alongside Devon Morgan, with another Swindell Speedlab machine of Kendal Tucker in fifteenth. Collin Slife in position number sixteen, with Jonathan Lampmann trailing behind, leading off our final two drivers, Ryan Martin and Garrett Niebruegge.

As we get ready to take the green flag for thirty laps of fury, Howard Weaver and two time winner this season, James Edens lead us to the green flag. As the race will begins, Weaver gets the ideal start over the 52 of Edens, and will hold him off, as the 23 of Capron comes in hot, and makes contact with Adam Elby, Evan Seay, and Devon Morgan, on lap 22. Green flag is back out, the 07 of Weaver still leads over Edens, Carter, Brown and Seay, three wide for second, Edens will take back over position number two, leaving lots of contact to take place between Morgan and Seay, as Kevin Dedmon makes his move into the top five.

TJ Carter makes his move into fourth, leading off Devon Morgan, as Howard Weaver is still the man to beat, and thirty laps in of the scheduled fifty, Edens has a lot of ground to make up if he wants the win tonight. Eighteen laps remaining, Dedmon and Morgan side by side for fifth, DJ Kilanowski moves into sixth, with Edens slowing making up ground on your leader Howard Weaver. Carter still runs in third. Thirteen laps to go at the line, and slide job by Edens for the lead, but Howard Weaver slams that door back in his face, saying “NOT TODAY!’.. Yellow flag is back in the air, after Garrett Niebruegge and Collin Slife trade a little paint, leaving the 19 of Niebruegge hard into the outside wall.

Howard Weaver is still holding off the 52 of Edens, Carter in third, over Dedmon and Morgan. Weaver and Edens seem head and shoulders above the rest of the competition tonight. Upon the green flag, Kilanowski gets alongside Kevin Dedmon, leaving Morgan to get around the 22, making way for Evan Seay and Chris Cox, to move up on the field. Caution flag is back out after the 61 of Jonathan Lampman gets a little loose, and in a self-inflicted spin, causes him to park his truck on the inner tire barrier. Single digit laps remains, and if I’ve learned anything here at Team VLR, Now is not the time to look away from the screen folks!

Green flag is back out with six to go, it’s all Howard Weaver in that Tennessee orange ride, and they’ll go single file behind him, with Edens and Carter in tow. James Edens will pull a slider with four to go, while Carter is trying his best to keep close with them in third. Weaver can clearly make turns three and four work for him, as Edens has the death grip on one and two. Three laps to go, Weaver is running high side and handsome, Edens to the inside, Slide job for the lead again. Weaver crosses back under to briefly take the lead. This one is gonna come down to the final lap.

White Flag is out. Weaver throws a wild slider in turn one to momentarily take the lead back. However, Edens sees it coming and is able to cross back under to get the lead back out of two., Weaver slides way up by the outside wall going into turn three, bringing us three wide for second with Carter and Morgan, Checkered flag is waving for James Edens, who brings home win number three this season, with Howard Weaver having to settle with a second place win over TJ Carter in third.

What a run tonight for these guys, especially after the cautions and server issues, and I can only imagine that Knoxville will be the greatest track to wrap up the first ever Tough Truck Series here at Team VLR.

Huge thank you to Tommy Rowe up in the booth tonight, as well as Admin, KT King, for the countless hours that get poured into this season. I know these guys put in a lot of work to make Team VLR the prestigious league it is, and I can’t commend yall enough on letting me be a part of this.

As for all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you and Goodnight!